Bankura has filled land sonamukhite grangers farming Strawberry

Nehatai was interesting from the start of farming. However, Bankura sonamukhi had Strawberry fields. So they decided to have profits, and rice – wheat ‘uncertain’ does not yield, at times to keep looking strawberry option close.

Maharashtra mahabalesbwar strawberry farming is not new. The wild strawberry cultivation in Bankura warm weather came to the view of some farmers. It would also benefit those at risk of farming, they claimed. The farmers in Mumbai as well, so I took byankaka from the aircraft so that they brought plants, the seasons to the commercial cultivation of this crop, they overwrite the trust.

Bankura district is center of Chief Minister’s Secretariat, the cultivation of the option notice. Chief Minister of Agriculture adviser Pradip Majumdar, said “the Chief Minister to Expand Alternative farming has been an entrepreneur. Strawberry cultivation in Bankura ordained. ”

The cultivation of strawberries has been in the hands of one of the pioneer residents of nadiyara phuliyara sahadeba basakera loom-woven families – and occupations. His interest in farming – planting test. The interest in the cultivation of strawberries started last year. Land, but not low income  had the current season in two bigha land for commercial farming in the strawberry. Sahadebababu said, “three thousand plants in Maharashtra had been sowed. The price was Rs 30 per seedling, the cost of the aircraft and could bring more money to 0. Overall costs were about a half million. The strawberries have been sold at a half million Rupees. The hotel has been sold and a large shopping mall too. ”

They saw it through the import of strawberry plants. This is the first time in about six casi 10 katha land had strawberries. Ramesababu says, “it was a strawberry farm. It is here that we can cultivate. Hopefully, we can yield better next time. ”

The strawberry jam from sahadebababu – jelly were created. The jam – jelly is brought to the Farmers Market in the club. The Farmers Club are conjunction of 8 villages, that have been interested in the strawberry cultivation. Sahadebababu said, at least fifteen people in phuliyaya casi and 18 bigha land have cultivated strawberries.

Agricultural University Vice-Chancellor of Kalyani Sarojakumar Sanyal said, “is commercial strawberry farming. Private enterprises that have already started to cultivate nadiyaya casira. Commercial cultivation of strawberries in some of its agricultural university think – I have. ”

The states’ Sweet Charlie ‘and’ tayoga these two species being cultivated strawberries. ‘Sweet Charlie’ in the form of small but very sweet. The ‘tayoga’ is a little sour, but it is convenient to store. Casidera demand, adjust the cultivation and yield an average profit of around 300 Rs per kg straberite. They can be obtained in about 75 per bighaya. Months from September to November, the yield of plants is maximum. April is the month of birth. If the modified cultivation of plants is done for next year, you can create your own casira. Sarai enough to chop organic farming.

The strawberries have come to the main State of Maharashtra to the lorry. More to come!

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